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Inbound Marketing Automation

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Get your lead generation engine humming

HubSpot_Silver.pngOnce we've completed the strategy it is time to crank up your marketing engine. During this phase we create the content offers outlined in your game plan and we set up your HubSpot Marketing Automation platform to manage your lead generation campaigns and monitor their effectiveness. 

The HubSpot marketing automation platform is the smarts behind your campaigns. It tracks every action that your lead takes on your website. This behaviour then triggers personalised and relevant email sequences that reflect your lead's actual interests (not unlike the way Amazon offers suggestions based on the type of books or products you have previously viewed). 

Getting HubSpot set up so that your campaigns run smoothly and effectively involves both time and insight into the inbound marketing method. Frequently businesses simply lack the resources or the know-how to get through this face effeciently.

So let us give you a hand. Specifically we will help you:

  • create your content offers
  • build landing pages
  • set up conversion forms
  • design lead nurturing email workflows
  • set up lead scoring

By letting us handle these aspects of the HubSpot Setup you can focus on running your business whilst knowing that your inbound campaigns will be up and running fast. The sooner you can get up and running the faster you will the results.


The Inbound Lead Generation Method

Simply put, inbound lead generation is a way of attracting your ideal customer when they are actively researching or considering the services or products you provide. Using information that is valuable and relevant during their decision-making journey they self-identify, granting you permission to engage them with further useful content. That is what we call lead nurturing. 

Want to learn more about how it is done?

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