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Law Firm Marketing

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Clients of legal services are increasingly sophisticated in their buying practices. They’re highly self directed in the way they research, find and select providers of legal and other professional services. 

Compounding this change in buyer behaviour are a number of other factors. For example, the growing demand for alternative fee arrangements drives a shift away from the hourly billing model. International mergers and off-shoring of legal services are bringing further competitive pressure to bear on law firms,

Finding and engaging with legal services buyers

Today's buyers of professional services are at least three quarters of the way through the buying process before they contact a potential vendor. They prefer to do their vendor reseach online. That means it is crucially important that your brand is easily discoverable by people who are not familiair with your brand yet search online for the services your firm provides.

Unless prospective buyers can find and engage with you in a meaningful way throughout their active research stage, your firm will not be in contention. More “digitally progressive” competitors are winning valuable and digitally empowered clients.

Education based marketing targeted at buyers of legal services

We work with legal and professional services firms who realise that they need to engage potential and current clients through digital channels but they lack the resources or expertise to get started. Our experienced digital marketers work with you and your team to develop a lead generation strategy and are available for ongoing marketing campaign management

Because our campaigns are entirely data driven we know which activities lead to revenue for your law firm. This means you will see a positive ROI on your marketing budget in the shortest possible time.  When you outsource your legal marketing to us  you can expect a consistent pipeline of highly targeted new business opportunities, without having to worry about technology or doing day to day any marketing activities in-house.

The Inbound Lead Generation Method

Simply put, inbound lead generation is a way of attracting your ideal customer when they are actively researching or considering the services or products you provide. Using information that is valuable and relevant during their decision-making journey they self-identify, granting you permission to engage them with further useful content. That is what we call lead nurturing. 

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