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How Brite Kite started...

One morning in September 2002, a few weeks after participating in a London design tradeshow, I opened my email inbox and was welcomed by more than the usual number of web inquiries. In fact, quite a lot more. All of them from US based people wanting to know where they could buy our Australian Design award winning chair."

high_chair_black.pngIt turned out that a writer for a prestigious New York design magazine had seen our chair in London and included it in her Design100. Fantastic publicity but we only just launched in Europe and didn’t have US distribution in place. Necessity is the mother of all invention. I discovered the transformative power of the internet and, in very short time, my fledging business became an eCommerce company that was shipping product around the world.

Without the internet (it was really still very early days then) and technology I would not have been able to capitalize on this publicity and it would have taken significantly longer to grow my business.

This is one reason why I am a big fan of the internet of things. I love how it can empower both consumers and businesses. Coupled with an enthusiasm for growing businesses, it is why, in January 2012, I set up Brite Kite Marketing. Since then I have been working with a select group of companies to help them make better use of digital channels to grow their business.

If you are interested in learning how I can help your business too, I would love to hear from you.


Wendy Coombes
Founder, Brite Kite Marketing

Some More Background:

I grew up in the Netherlands where I started my career setting up and managing technology businesses across Europe and Asia. This path led me to Australia, where I managed the Asia Pacific business arm of international and NASDAQ listed technology companies.  Australia has been my home since 1991. 

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