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We often get asked...

How will I know that the leads generated are going to be good quality?

Before we implement any demand generation campaigns we work with you to define a very detailed picture of who your ideal customer is. What are their pain points, challenges, aspirations, preferences. We also map their decision making process or what we call the buyers journey. This information forms the basis for our content road map. Our content is designed to engage your ideal customer at a time when they are actively researching your services.

What is the inbound lead generation method you speak of?

In a nutshell, these are the steps and the mechanics involved in inbound lead generation. Of course that is a simplification. If you are interested in learning about it in more detail you may want to download our eBook Inbound Lead Generation for Practitioners.

  • Attract Website Visitors
  • Convert anonymous visitors leads/contacts
  • Nurture leads throughout their buyers journey until they are ready to buy
  • Turn leads into loyal customers.
  • Turn loyal customers into raving fans

What are your qualifications?

Myself and my team are all certified inbound marketers and my company is a certified (silver) HubSpot partner. Hubspot are the leading supplier of marketing automation software that supports the inbound method. Brite Kite has been a certified inbound marketing agency since 2011 and has successfully delivered demand generation campaigns since that time.  

What percentage conversions do you get from inbound leads?

Everything we do is data driven and we use marketing automation and analytics to determine when a lead is ready to be handed off to your sales team. As a result, our clients achieve significantly higher close rates than than they would from randomly targeted lead gen programs. Results vary from business to business but on average our clients’ close rate (on leads generated as a result of our strategy) is around 50 to 90%.  That said it is important to note that, at the end of the day it is the your sales process that will determine your lead to customer conversion rate.

I want to see some guaranteed return on marketing investment

Ultimately it is you and your team who will need to close the sale. We can give no guaranteed ROI figures for this reason. However, as a starting point for any of our engagements we take into consideration your revenue goals. We work back from your revenue goal to determine the number of:

  • Customers required to deliver the revenue target (average deal size)
  • Leads required to make the customer target (based on your current close rate)
  • Visitors to meet the number of leads required 

We consider this the science behind the sales. Please read the question above for our customers’ average close rate.

How big is your team?

Our agency is still small but growing. As the senior consultant, Wendy Coombes is responsible for all the strategy work. She is assisted by one other certified marketing consultant on her team. Our expertise lies in demand generation, inbound marketing and content strategy for areas that fall outside our core expertise we collaborate with a partner network of subject matter experts and researchers so we can offer our clients the required skillset required to deliver on our commitments. 

How will you get to know my business?

Of course it is true that you are the best informed person on your business and your clients. What we do is to help you transfer some of that knowledge so that we can use it to position you as the subject matter expert that you are. We have processes in place that facilitate this type of “knowledge transfer”. Certainly in the early stages of our collaboration it will take time and effort for this to happen but we have experience working with a raft of businesses from tech companies to medicos and b2b professional services firms, many of whom have complex and long sales processes. 

Who are your competitors and why would I choose you over them?

There is a small but growing number of inbound certified agencies in Australia. Most are still relatively small businesses. We all use the same methodology. But our individual focus varies.  Some are focused on creative services (web design, video and branding) and don’t get involved in strategy or campaign management. Others deliver a full end to end service. There are two things that set Brite Kite apart.

Firstly, we never work with more than one client in any category. This means that when you partner with us we will not accept projects or collaborate with firms who compete with you in your target market. 

Second, we know where our strenghts lie. So we have elected to work with practitioners and professional services providers. For example lawyers, doctors, dentists and accountants as well as professions that are similar to the ones mentioned here, are usually a good fit for the services we offer.

You may also find a difference in our services offering; we recognize that one size does not fit all so our packages reflect your exact needs

  • Strategy Packages
  • Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Campaign Management 

Will we be on a retainer?

Apart from our marketing strategy offerings, all our services are based on a retainer. The inbound marketing method delivers long term results but it take a little time to build momentum. You will start to see positive measurable results in 8 to 12 months but for many of our clients momentum starts building after 6 months and ROI starts to kick in. Remember that you're building a sustainable lead generation asset and will continue to reap the rewards for as long as you leave that asset in place. So think of it as an investment. Our minimum minimum retainer term is 12 months and all contracts for inbound services require a HubSpot license.  

Is it an ongoing service or can you train our staff to take it in house?

If you are new to the inbound methodology, we recommend you let us manage the implementation of your program for the first year. Many of our clients prefer to focus on their core business. They are happy with the results and retain us to manage their inbound marketing on an ongoing basis. That said, we use sophisticated marketing automation that makes it easy for you to take the project in house beyond the first year if you wish to do so. 

What will it cost?

The strategy will cost $6500 plus GST. Our Inbound Marketing Retainers range from $4900 to $8000 per month. It really depends on how what results you want to achieve and within what time frame. 

Are you just another dodgy SEO service?

While SEO is a component of what we do, our service is a wholistic one that extends across many digital channels including website, social media, email, content and analytics. Search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and therefore more difficult to “game”. Our content is created for humans first but we have an understanding of search marketing that helps us optimise your chances of ranking for the search terms your ideal customer is most likely to use.  

Where will we find the time to do all the work involved with inbound?

We help you with the strategy and will manage the campaigns for you. We also use sophisticated yet easy to use marketing automation that makes it possible for you to take the project in house at some future date if you wish to do so.

We don’t believe email marketing is very effective

59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue (BtoB Magazine), so it is not something that you can afford to ignore. We help you by automating email workflows that are personalised to your ideal buyer. We don’t believe in spam. All our email marketing is opt-in meaning the received has indicated an interest in hearing from you.

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