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Lead Generation Strategy

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A detailed plan is the basis for success. At the start of each and every engagement we spend time with you and other “customer facing” members of your team. This usually takes the form of 1 or 2 half-day workshops and/or a number of 1:1 exploratory meetings.

Following the initial information gathering exercise, we analyse the data and create a plan around the goals you need to achieve like generating more Inbound Sales. The entire process takes 4 weeks from the initial exploratory workshop. At completion, we present you with a documented 12-month digital lead generation strategy including a 3-month campaign outline which will help you get up and running fast and start generating quality leads.

Our lead generation strategy covers the following.


Situational Assessment 

  • review and analyse current website and marketing metrics
  • look at your customer’s buying process
  • analyse client acquisition & retention
  • do a competitive analysis
  • research keyword/keyword phrases & search volumes

Customer Profiling

  • review your ideal buyer persona
  • analyse demographic & psychographic factors
  • discover change drivers
  • study your buyer’s decision-making process
  • look at their online behaviour and use of social media and other digital channels

Content Road Map

  • conceptualise premium content offers for each buyer persona
  • map content to each stage of the buyer's journey
  • outline email nurture campaigns

12 Week Inbound Campaign

  • Campaign frequency (12 week sprint)
  • Blogging calendar topics/working titles
  • Social Media Posting Plan

Marketing Automation Plan

  • Segmentation & Lists
  • Conversion Paths – Calls to Action, Landing Pages, Forms, Email
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Personalisation & Smart Content
  • Lifecycles

What happens when the plan is ready?

Depending on the resources you have availabe, you may work through the plan and do some or all of the work in-house. However, many of the practioners that work with us don't have the necessary skills or resources to do this. If that is the case for you we can help you with lead generation campaign management including the set up of your marketing automation platform. 

Delivering the outcomes you desire is our priority and we're happy to explore the option that works best for you while still achieving success. 

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