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Dental Marketing 

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Dental marketing in the digital era

A growing audience are now proactively involved in their dental health and selection of dental provider. They use search engines to find a wide range of dental information and many share their experiences and seek or offer recommendations through social media. To successfully reach and engage with these digitally empowered consumers and patients your brand must be discoverable by people who are searching online for your services but are not familiair with you or your dentistry clinic.

When they do find your clinic online it is crucial that they have a consistently positive experience with your brand and that the information you provide is relevant and helpful for them during their research and decision-making journey. Done well, this will position you and your dental clinic as the trusted and preferred provider of dental services.

Using education based marketing to engage with dental patients and customers

We work with clinics and dental surgeons who want to be more effective with digital marketing but don't have the time, resources or expertise to get started. 

We execute lead generation campaigns and create marketing strategies for healthcare businesses that are aimed at building a consistent and sustainable pipeline of highly targeted patients and healthcare consumers. 

We combine education based content with technology and strategy to deliver dental marketing campaigns that are smart, measureable and effective.

The Inbound Lead Generation Method

Simply put, inbound lead generation is a way of attracting your ideal customer when they are actively researching or considering the services or products you provide. Using information that is valuable and relevant during their decision-making journey they self-identify, granting you permission to engage them with further useful content. 

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