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About Brite Kite Marketing

Why work with us?

What we do

At Brite Kite Marketing we help doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects and other practitioners to attract and acquire new customers through digital channels.

HubSpot_Analytics_ScreenMany of our clients, before partnering with us, have made a substantial investment in website design only to find that it does not generate business for them. A beautifully designed site can do wonderful things for your brand, but if only people who are already familiar with your business see it, it is money wasted. It’s like buying a magnificient car and not putting quality fuel in it. It won’t perform optimally and probably won’t get you very far.

Just having a website is not a digital strategy. Your site needs to attract your ideal buyer and successfully engage that person with relevant and valuable information. That’s where we come in."

We create smart strategies that attract, engage and convert your ideal customer. By engaging with people in meaningful and relevant ways, we help build trust and position you and your brand as the preferred choice. Short on in-house expertise? Let us run your marketing campaigns for you.

Quality over quantity

HubSpot_Silver.pngEverything we do is highly targeted.  Unlike relying predominantly on expensive pay per click campaigns, we build your audience in a sustainable fashion. Here is an example. Every week we generate quality leads from content that we created and published several years ago. As long as you leave the content in place and provided it is optimised to attract your ideal buyer, it will continue to deliver positive outcomes for you. We help you build an enduring brand presence.

Content, data and technology are the key ingredients of all our marketing campaigns so that we know quickly which activities lead to revenue for your practice and you will see a positive ROI on your marketing investment sooner.

When you work with us you can expect to build a consistent business pipeline. Our clients also report that their conversion rates increase due to the fact that leads are better qualified and sales ready prior to a first face to face meeting.

Interested in having a conversation? We'd love to hear about your business.


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