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Lead Generation for Practitioners

We help doctors, surgeons, dentists, vets, accountants and lawyers fill their appointment books and business pipelines with highly targeted leads.

Sydney Inbound Marketing Agency - HubSpot Certified Partner 

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Does this sound familiar?

You know you need to be active in the digital space, but you just don't know where to start.

Here's what we often hear.

  • Our customers are increasingly self-directed in selecting providers of professional services.

  • Our brand is invisible to people who are in the research or buying phase of services we can provide.

  • “Digitally savvy” competitors are winning more valuable clients.

  • We have tried SEO and Pay Per Click advertising but the inquiries we get are poor quality.

  • Our website does not get good traffic, let alone bring in new customers.

  • We know a different approach is needed but we don’t know where to begin.

  • We have no idea which activities lead to revenue or what the return on our marketing budget actually is.

Why work with us?

Besides attracting your ideal customer and generating a consistent flow of highly targeted leads, our strategies deliver a range of valuable outcomes.

Access and engage a highly targeted audience who are actively searching for your services.
Establish trust, and position your business as the preferred choice
Convert anonymous site visitors into identified potential buyers of your services
Increase social proof and word of mouth.
Build a consistent pipeline of bookings and increase revenue.
Minimise your reliance on expensive pay per click advertising to bring traffic to your site 
Reduce cost per lead and customer acquisition cost and optimise customer lifetime value
Offer people a consistently positive experience with your brand across all channels

Wondering what our secret sauce is?

It's not really a secret. We combine intelligent strategies with educational content and technology. Our focus is always on being helpful throughout the buyer’s journey, building trust and outstanding customer lifetime value.

Inbound lead generation is a method of attracting your ideal customer when they are actively researching or considering the services or products you provide. Using content that is valuable and relevant to their decision-making journey they self-identify, granting you permission to engage them with further useful content. We call that lead nurturing. Lead nurturing must be done sensitively and always with the buyer's needs in mind. We've put together an eBook on the mechanics. Just click the white button to get it.

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Professional Services

Here is what our clients say...

2.jpg“Brite Kite Marketing has helped us create an intelligent and highly relevant lead-generation and content marketing strategy which has built our brand and greatly broadened our reach online.  Within 8 months we started to see an exponential increase in traffic to our site and quality leads for our business. This has been very beneficial to us in terms of brand positioning and increased bookings.”  

Prof. Gerard Sutton
The Naked Eye

1.jpg"Wendy was instrumental in helping us adopt inbound lead generation. Following the creation of our customised inbound game plan, she got us up and running with the integration of our marketing automation platform hubspot and the roll out of our first campaigns. Brite Kite Marketing provided a valuable service to our team at Presentation Studio and we found the support and guidance very helpful in our time of transition.”

Emma Bannister
CEO & Founder Presentation Studio

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